Residential Applications

Solar energy – power from the sun – is a renewable, free, clean and inexhaustible resource, and can be converted into electricity through photovoltaic (PV) modules. Apart from residential use, electricity from solar energy is sold to utility companies in some countries to lower electricity costs and contributes to environmental protection. When choosing PV modules, it is important to consider the capacity, performance guarantee and appearance in order to find the right choice for your solar system.


High-Efficiency Solar Module Solutions

High efficiency solar modules are recommended for residential rooftop applications for higher outputs in a limited installation space.

AUO thus launches a series of high-efficiency solar module solutions. The SunForte PM096B00 modules have the world’s leading efficiency featuring conversion efficiency rates of up to 20.6% and maximum power output of 335W per panel. As a result, the SunForte PM096B00 can generate 30% more electricity than conventional multi-crystalline modules with the same installation space.




SunForte PM096B00 Provides 30% More Rated Watts than Conventional Modules*


System of Conventional Modules 





Conventional Module:260W / piece

Total watts of system:4,680W 

(260W x 18 pieces)


System of SunForte PM096B00



SunForte PM096B00系統


SunForte PM096B00:335W / piece

Total watts of system:6,030W

(335W x 18 pieces)


 * In comparison of a 60-cell PV module with dimension of 1640 x 992 x 40 mm




High Reliability and 25-Year Performance Guarantee

In addition to module efficiency, reliability and power performance are also the main factors affecting module selection for residential solar systems. This is to say, a module should maintain a stable power output over a long time in order to lower power generation and maintenance costs of the system.

With high reliability and high durability, all AUO solar modules guarantee power output better than the industry standard to ensure sustainable power performance over the long run.


Aesthetic Design

Appearance is also an important aspect of module selection in order to match the building design and to deliver a unified visual. Through stringent materials control and cosmetic inspection, AUO introduces the true black solar modules featuring an aesthetic appearance and high efficiency to satisfy the need of appealing module appearance for the residential solar systems.


Conventional Module





The True Black Module AUO

SunVivo PM060MB2




Recommended Modules
Back-Contact Module


SunForte PM096B00

SunForte PM096B00



P-Mono Modules


SunVivo PM060MW2 / PM060MB2

SunVivo PM060MW2 / PM060MB2


SunBravo PM060MW4 / PM060MB4

SunBravo PM060MW4 / PM060MB4