Ground-Mounted Solar Systems

Ground-mounted solar systems are power generation systems with PV modules mounted on the ground. Suitable environments include land that may no longer be viable for agriculture, land that may be contaminated, or areas with land subsidence. In these scenarios, solar applications can facilitate land reuse and create economic benefit through the resale of generated power. Ground-mounted solar systems are also often invested in by large-scale power plants seeking high return on investment as these installations can operate stably over the long term and yield high power output. In this scenario, generating capacity and reliability become the most important factors influencing choice of module.


High-Efficiency Module Solutions

As installation areas for ground-mounted solar systems are generally more extensive and require higher installed capacity, we recommend choosing high-efficiency modules to obtain more power and increase revenue using a fewer number of panels.


Among AUO’s series of high-efficiency module solutions, SunBravo PM060MW6 has an optimal power output of 360W and takes up 20% less space than standard mono-crystalline modules with the same installed capacity.


Less panels used for the same installed capacity

Compared to systems with the same installed capacity, SunBravo PM060MW6 takes up 20% less space than standard mono-crystalline modules*


Standard Mono-Crystalline Solar System

Standard mono-crystalline solar system

5.5kW System

Using 310W Standard Mono-Crystalline Modules



SunBravo PM060MW6 System

SunBravo PM060MW6 System

5.5kW System

Using the SunBravo PM060MW6 High-Efficiency PV module



  * Comparison based on 60-cell PV modules with dimensions of 1640 x 992 x 40 mm



High Reliability

To achieve long-term system stability and reduce maintenance-related costs, AUO modules are all tested under stringent conditions at our in-house labs using standards three times stricter than required by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This ensures our products are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and drastic changes over a long period of time, thereby truly achieving optimal quality and performance guarantee.