According to the development of solar market in major countries around the world, in order to rapidly increase installations in the initial stage of market development, the medium and large-scale power plants will become the focus. However, after an initial period of rapid development, due to the shortage of power grid feeders, excessive impact on power grids, land acquisition, over burden of subsidies for finance, as well as other issues, policies and markets will shift to the development of distributed solar power plants, including rooftop systems such as those on industrial, commercial and residential buildings.


The development of distributed solar power plants, ranging from field development, field exploration, coordination and discussion, design and construction, to the maintenance & operation of power plants, needs to rely on many regional local resources in order for quick responses to the local demands of regional markets. In order to grasp the business opportunities under this trend, AUO invites willing and competent distributors and installers to create more business opportunities together in our current major markets.Through close collaboration, AUO and its partners make their own respective contributions, create mutual development and share business opportunities with each other to create a win-win situation.



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