Power Plant Service



AUO has superior capabilities and broad field experience in providing all-round solar power plant services. The company is an expert at facilitating all stages of project development with its lineup of high performance solar modules, extensive expertise in power plant engineering and construction, and an integrated platform of long-term operation and maintenance service. Furthermore, AUO collaborates with several reputable Taiwanese insurance companies to create an innovative platform with sound funding resources for power plant operation and investment.






AUO is committed to providing customers with a complete project business portfolio of rooftop, ground-mounted, and floating solar power plants. The company aims to extend its widespread experience and success from Taiwan to other countries through local partnerships, bringing value to customers all around the globe.









To better assist customers with power plant operation and maintenance, AUO established a smart cloud PV monitoring solution, including solar monitoring system and data recorder, for users to track system performance in real time, to provide comprehensive field data collection, system performance prediction and analysis, and ultimately to optimize system performance. 



AUO Cloud Monitoring System

SunVeillance – Smart Cloud PV Monitoring Solution



 *  The "Taiwan's largest pitched rooftop solar power plant" mentioned in the video is based on the available market research information as of August, 2018.