Rooftop Solar Systems

Rooftop solar systems refer to power generation systems formed by mounting PV modules onto the rooftops of existing buildings. Power thus generated can be used by building occupants, sold to utility companies at wholesale prices, or used in green energy transactions, thereby creating long-term economic benefits. These systems can be installed onto the rooftops of all types of architecture, including homes, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, greenhouses, or barns and farmhouses. Apart from generating power, rooftop solar systems can also lower indoor temperatures by insulating roofs and deflecting sunlight. Capacity, module quality and reliability should be considered when selecting your module to ensure your rooftop solar system consists of the most suitable modules and to protect your building from damage.


High-Efficiency Module Solutions

To overcome the spatial constraints of rooftop environments, we recommend choosing our high-performance module solutions to obtain more power from limited installation areas and increase revenue.


Among AUO’s series of high-efficiency module solutions, SunBravo PM060MW6 has an optimal power output of 360W and can generate more than 16% of power compared to standard mono-crystalline modules out of the same installation area.


More power out of the same installation area

Within the same spatial dimensions, SunBravo PM060MW6 can generate 16% more power than standard mono-crystalline modules*


Standard Mono-Crystalline Solar System

Standard mono-crystalline solar system

Standard Mono-Crystalline Solar System: 310W / panel

Total watts of system: 5,580W

(310W x 18 panels)


SunBravo PM060MW6 System

SunBravo PM060MW6 System

SunBravo PM060MW6: 360W / panel

Total watts of system: 6,480W

(360W x 18 panels)


  * Comparison based on 60-cell PV modules with dimensions of 1640 x 992 x 40 mm



High Quality and Reliability

Apart from generating capacity, a key point to consider is reducing or eliminating maintenance costs by ensuring that your solar system operates stably over a prolonged period of time. AUO modules are all tested under stringent conditions at our in-house labs using standards three times stricter than required by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This ensures our products are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and drastic changes over a long period of time, thereby truly achieving optimal quality and performance guarantee. Our products are also fully certified by a full array of international organizations, including IEC, UL, JET, CEC, MCS, ICIM, VPC and more.