Multi-busbar Technology

MBB (Multi-busbar) is an optimized design of solar cell, which uses multiple copper wires to form shorter current paths on a solar cell for improvement of current collection efficiency. Compared to traditional flat copper ribbons, copper wires of circular design are utilized to increase the amount of light incident on the solar cells, such that the power generation performance of module is improved further. In addition, by using the multi-busbar design, the impact of external force on solar cell can be reduced effectively, and the range of micro cracks is limited to prevent current transmission path (current distribution) from further damage, so that the solar module can maintain a stable output performance for a long period of time. Thus, this is a new generation technology that enhances both power performance and reliability simultaneously. SunBravo PM060MW(B)4 / PM060MW5PM072MW2 / PM072MW3andSunForte PM072NW0are all high-efficiency solar modules using multi-busbar technology.




Multi-busbar reduces current loss






Multi-busbar forms shorter current path

(Impact of micro cracks on power generation is reduced)






The amount of incident light is increased with new welding wire

The amount of incident light is increased with new welding wire



Weather Resistance Technology

In response to diverse power plant installation environments, AUO mono-crystalline solar module series incorporates a weather resistance design, in which special materials and technologies are used to isolate over 40% of the ambient moisture. The salt-mist resistance is 12 times more in comparison with conventional counterparts. Also, a wind pressure of 4000 Pa can be withstood having passed 1,000 times of dynamic mechanical load tests. It is suitable for use in strong winds, high humidity and high salt mist environments such as coastal or watery areas.