Floating Solar System



Floating Solar Systems

Floating solar systems refer to power generation systems comprised of PV modules mounted on water surfaces using floating platforms. Common scenarios include detention basins, reservoirs, and ponds. As water environments are characterized by high humidity and structural instability, modules must not only offer high generating capacity but also resist harsh environmental conditions. This is achieved through reinforced designs and rigorous materials control that ensure over 20 years of long-term stable power generating efficiency and increased asset ROI.


High-Efficiency Module Solutions

As installation areas for floating solar systems vary according to environmental conditions and the surface area of floating platforms, we recommend choosing our high-efficiency modules to obtain more power and increase revenue within the same scenario.


Among AUO’s series of high-efficiency module solutions, SunBravo PM060MW6 has an optimal power output of 360W and can generate more than 16% of power compared to standard mono-crystalline modules out of the same installation area, thereby contributing to a lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)


More power out of the same installation area

Within the same spatial dimensions, SunBravo PM060MW6 can generate 16% more power than standard mono-crystalline modules*


Standard Mono-Crystalline Solar System

Standard mono-crystalline solar system

Standard Mono-Crystalline Solar System: 310W / panel

Total watts of system: 27.9kW

(310W x 90 panels)


SunBravo PM060MW6 System

SunBravo PM060MW6 System

SunBravo PM060MW6:360W / panel

Total watts of system: 32.4kW

(360W x 90 panels)


  * Comparison based on 60-cell PV modules with dimensions of 1640 x 992 x 40 mm



Weather-Resistant Modules

AUO modules are highly weather-resistant, particularly against moisture, salt mist corrosion, and strong winds. Their properties of humidity resistance are increased by 40% or more while salt mist corrosion resistance ability is 12 times that of industry standards, making them the perfect choice for harsh environments such as water bodies and salt flats. Their reinforced structures can moreover withstand wind forces of up to 17 to ensure power generating systems continue operating at high efficiencies.



High Reliability

Apart from system performance, module quality and reliability are also key factors influencing the time and costs of operation and subsequent maintenance. To ensure product reliability, all AUO modules are tested under stringent conditions at our in-house labs that have been accepted as IEC Customer Testing Facilities using standards three times stricter than required by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This ensures our products are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and drastic changes over a long period of time, thereby truly achieving optimal quality and performance guarantee.